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Healthy Eating & Active Living

Healthy lives start here!
Chaired by Catherine Bardier and led by the Wellness Connection Coalition, Healthy Eating & Active Living is the foundation for improving the health and wellbeing of the 16 towns in the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Region. The HEAL workgroup provides access to nutritional programs and supporting efforts that increase opportunities for community members to make exercise part of their lifestyle.

Programs and initiatives
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Rx program provides residents with healthy food choices by making it easier to access and afford fresh produce. Find out how!
The Hospital Community Trail is a one-mile loop, with connections to New London hospital parking lot and Outing Club will provide in-town opportunities for walkers, joggers and commuters.
Paid for through a grant from Impact Melanoma, the Wellness Connection Coalition installed sunscreen stations around the New London Town Green and Bucklin Beach making outdoor activities safer for visitors and residents!

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Substance Misuse Prevention & Recovery

Substance Misuse Prevention and Recovery is a community resource for prevention, treatment, recovery and advocacy of substance misuse and suicide. We envision a Greater Sullivan County region where all people are safe, healthy, supported connected and valued.


We are a regional coalition made up of diverse stakeholders. Our goal is to reduce the harms of substance misuse and prevent suicide in the Greater Sullivan County region.  Our volunteer members are from all sectors of the community: Safety and Law Enforcement, Health and Medical, Community and Family Supports, Education, Business, Government, Faith leaders, Media, Parents and Youth. We invite all community members to join us in our work.


Using a data driven and evidence based process we engage all sectors of the community in building awareness around alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) and risk factors of suicide.  We create and deploy comprehensive strategies to target and reduce the harms of ATOD and to prevent suicide in our region.


Substance Misuse Prevention and Recovery is a work-group of the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Advisory Council (GSCPHAC) and we are housed in the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network. Our strategy is to develop a robust regional prevention capacity by maintaining a coalition at the regional level while simultaneously supporting the development of local coalitions.

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Wilmot and area residents learn more about Narcan®

Advocates Champions Recognized New Futures Event

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Access to Care

The goal of the Access to Care group is to improve access to mental health and dental health services with a specific focus on suicide prevention and reduction of childhood dental carries. Working to expand existing services, the Access to Care team reviews regional health data and helps develop strategies to overcome service gaps and create opportunities that will provide services to all who need it within our community.

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Emergency Preparedness

Public Health Emergency Preparedness is an important aspect of community health. Having the capacity to respond efficiently, effectively, and safely in a public health emergency can save lives and minimize the effects of a public health threat. A public health emergency can result from various hazards including natural disasters such as a hurricane, disease outbreaks such as pandemic flu, and deliberate acts such as aerosolized release of anthrax. In the event of a public health emergency we receive guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Our regional leadership group, called the Regional Preparedness Coordinator Committee, is made up of municipalities, fire departments, first responders, police departments, hospitals, family service organizations, colleges/schools, and County government.

How We Help

  • Activate the Greater Sullivan County Medical Reserve Corps Team for volunteer help at an incident such as the need to open up a regional shelter
  • Regularly meet with town leaders to assist with Public Health response plans
  • Establish Point-of-Dispensing Sites (PODs) should mass-immunization be required
  • Establish Alternative Care Sites should hospitals surge and need additional assistance
  • Assist local officials in setting up a Public Emergency Shelter if necessary
  • Conduct quarterly meetings that provide communication and training to strengthen response
  • Distribute Public Health advisories and publicize information about health threats
  • Support local officials during a Public Health emergency
  • Act as a conduit to the NH Department of Health and Human Services
  • Lead the multi-agency coordinating entity (MACE) that brings a coordination of advisors together during a regional Public Health emergency
  • Assist employers in the process of becoming a Closed POD – reach out to learn more!

How You Can Help

  • Join the Greater Sullivan County Medical Reserve Corps
  • Make sure you and your children have received your vaccinations including the seasonal flu shot
  • Make a preparedness kit for your home
  • Write and practice a family communications plan in case of an emergency
  • If you are a business with access to clinical staff, become a Closed POD

School-Based Flu Clinics

The Greater Sullivan County Regional Public Health Network partners with local school districts including: Claremont, Cornish, Croydon, Fall Mountain, Kearsarge, and Lempster to vaccinate students against seasonal influenza. This program prioritizes schools where children are less likely to be insured or have other barriers to being vaccinated, but all schools are made available to the program.  The students are vaccinated by staff from Valley Regional Hospital, New London Hospital, and the Lake Sunapee VNA and Hospice.  This program is made available through a grant from the NH Department of Health and Human Services, the Greater Sullivan County Public Health Network has been overseeing the school-based flu clinic initiative since 2013.

Medical Reserve Corps

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Healthy Families

Healthy Families is a group of community leaders dedicated to the idea that all families deserve the opportunity to live a healthy life regardless of socioeconomic differences. Our Healthy Families initiative focuses primarily on preventing and reducing teen births, improving the care of children and elderly residents, and the social determinants of health that affect the family as a whole.

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The Senior Advocates group comprises stakeholders from across the region who work with and advocate for elder care and services.

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